Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heart Attack Maze {Valentine's Day}

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and this year I've decided to do something special for my children apart from stuffing them up to their ears with sugary treats.

This isn't the sort of thing I normally post about, (it's not a recipe or a frugality tip) but it's such a great little activity, that I figured I'd share it with you. It's not elaborate, or fancy, but it gives me a chance to think about each child individually and share my love for them in a fun way and on a personal level.

I've dubbed it the Heart Attack Maze, and I gave it a trial run today to see if it would match the idea I had in my head. (Photos below)

Step 1:  I dug through my pitiful excuse of a sewing basket, and chose two different colors of yarn: one color for each child who will go though the maze.

Step 2:  I found a starting point (one of my kitchen chairs), tied the two colors of yarn to it, and had a great time threading the yarn over and under and around everything in my kitchen. If your children are older (or taller), you could totally go all over the entire house and make it crazy hard. My kids are four and five. I just stuck to the kitchen area.

Step 3:  Once I finished with the yarn, I attached 20 numbered hearts with personalized love notes on each child's string of yarn. They would begin following their yarn through the maze, reaching their hearts in order from #1 to #20.

I can't wait to see them giggling and getting all tangled up together as they navigate their way through the maze! My second child watched me set it up for the trial run, and she is beyond excited for Valentine's Day to arrive so that she can "go through the tangles" and get her "love hearts."

After my kids collect all 20 hearts, I'm going to put them in envelopes marked "Valentine's Day 2013," and store them with their other keepsakes so they'll always have those 20 personalized love notes. 

Have a look:

 I seriously can't wait!!!!


  1. Love it!! I'm doing this for y 3 boys! Thanks for the idea.

    1. Rebecca!
      It's so fun to see you on here. :) I'm glad you like the idea. My daughter (who watched me give it a trial run yesterday) has asked me about it twice already this morning. I hope your boys enjoy it!


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