When I started doing cost breakdowns of the food I was preparing and comparing it to the pre-made food in the stores, I guess-timated how much money a typical family of four might save over a year. 

I'll clarify:

The, "Over a year," scenarios are just guess-timates, (is that a real word??) but I like that they provide a better perspective on cost-effectiveness and allow for fairly accurate grocery budgeting.

In each post you'll see THREE NUMBERS:

Cost per item 
Accurate to the penny based on what I paid for ingredients

Savings percentage compared to the pre-made version 
Accurate to my local store prices

Annual Savings 
Total guess-timate based on the previous two calculations and what I imagine a family of four might eat/use over the course of 1 year.

At the very end of each recipe post, you can find the cost breakdown, and how I arrived at the prices and percentages I did.

The prices reflect the money I paid for the ingredients, and the prices I find in my local grocery store. Your prices may be different than mine. The cost of the ingredients used in my recipes will inevitably go up over time, but so will the cost of pre-packaged food, which will hopefully allow my savings percentages to stay closely accurate over time.

Contact me if you have any questions, or suggestions on how to make my "savings section" look better, I'd LOVE to hear them!


  1. Have you tried this?
    We use ground whole wheat flour to make our own creamy wheat (more fiber than purchased cream of wheat): 1/4 c. w.w.flour + 3/4 c. water, bring to boiling while stirring....when it thickens, take off heat, cover, let sit 5 minutes. Makes one with bit of butter and honey. YUM.

    1. Wow really? Does it work? Is it sort of like the kind you get from the store? That sounds very interesting. Can you use regular whole wheat flour? Let me know! Thanks for the idea.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yes, Margaret Anne we use ground whole wheat flour, sorry for the wait to answer....didn't see this until today!! It is all whole wheat tasting, not just the 'inner' wheat like the store kind.....but we love the whole wheat taste!!


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