Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maple & Honey Syrup ($0.12 per serving)

$0.12 per serving     57% savings     save $25.80 yearly

We are breakfast people at my house. Pancakes and waffles make regular appearances at out table, not only for breakfast, but at dinner time too. My oldest daughter is especially fond of pancakes, and requests them a lot...  and by "a lot," I mean every day. 

Poor soul has to be content with only eating pancakes a few times a week 

The problem in all of this is that sometimes we want syrup instead of strawberry jam, and the store syrup leaves something to be desired. To put it bluntly, the thought of eating the sickly, sticky, chemically brown stuff grosses me out. While I'm not proud of it, my own view of the store goo didn't stop me from letting my husband and children eat it.

Thankfully, I found a solution I can feel good about.

This recipe for Maple & Honey Syrup is delicious! The honey and brown sugar add a rich depth to the maple flavor. It lacks the high fructose corn syrup and other mystery ingredients, AND costs less than half as much as the kind on the store shelf.

All I can say is: We'll never go back.

Maple & Honey Syrup
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* makes about 2 cups

(Note: I use imitation maple extract, simply because it's cheaper. Someday, I plan to upgrade to the pure maple goodness. But for now, the maple extract found in any grocery store does the trick for us.)

1  cup water
2  tablespoons honey
1/2  teaspoons maple extract
2  cups white sugar
1/4  cup brown sugar

Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat on the stove. Boil for 2 minutes. Allow to cool for 5 minutes. Carefully pour the syrup into prepared container. Serve immediately. Store in the refrigerator.

~ Savings ~

Cost Breakdown:
16 oz. clover honey - $3.78 = 22 T = $0.172/T = $0.344
2 oz. maple extract - $4.24 = 43 tsp = $0.099/tsp = $0.049
10 lb sugar - $5.58 = 378T = $0.015/T = $$0.480
7 lb brown sugar - $5.05 = 264T = $0.019/T = $0.077
Total Recipe Cost: $0.95
Per 1/4 cup serving: $0.12
The Contender:
Aunt Jemima Original Syrup 24 oz.: $3.36
Per 1/4 cup serving: $0.28
Savings: 57%

"Over a year" Scenario:
Make Maple & Honey Syrup 20 times = $19.00
Use 13 1/3 bottles Aunt Jemima Original Syrup 24 oz. = $44.80
*Money Saved: $25.80


  1. I make my syrup, too. I've found that the longer I let it boil, the thicker the syrup will be. If you want it to resemble the store bought kind, you can let it boil a bit longer so it's not as runny. But we don't mind it being thin/runny. I also like to add a touch of imitation butter flavor.

  2. Haven't tried the butter flavor, but I bet it's tasty. : ) This recipe ends up a little thinner than the store stuff, like you say, but the little bit of honey helps thicken it, and I love the flavor. I know lots of people use corn syrup as a thickener too, but it's not my favorite.

  3. How long does this last in the fridge?

    1. The longest I've ever had one batch in the fridge was for 3 months, and it was perfectly fine. Usually we eat it much faster than that.

  4. Another maple flavor option is made by Frontier Flavoring from Natural Grocers. This is a good quality clear maple flavoring that is free from artificial colors and alcohol.

  5. I made this last night with pancakes that I added a dash of cinnamon & vanilla to. OMG. Heaven! My toddler cleaned her plate! Although I used a medicine dropper to make her pancake "fingers" to dip, and she enjoyed that too. Either way, I'm never buying syrup again. :)

  6. I'm planning to try this next time I make pancakes (probably tomorrow since my kids ask for them pretty much every day, too!). I usually make my own syrup, too, but it's really simple. Two parts sugar and one part water, bring to a simmer until sugar is dissolved, then add maple flavoring (I never measure it). Serve warm and store in the fridge.


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