Friday, July 12, 2013

Grocery "Buy It Now" Prices List


We finally have it!

What was supposed to be a two-week hiatus from posting on this site turned into a month-long absence. We recently moved to Provo, Utah, and getting the internet hooked up has taken FOR. EV. ER.

Okay, okay, so we do have an iphone with internet, but I feel like an oaf trying to type even one sentence on that thing.

BUT... now the internet is up and going, my fingers don't feel oaf-ish on this normal-size keyboard, and I've got a super fun post for all you readers who've stuck around after a month of nada.

On a side note, my little family is loving our new area:

My (super-amazing-hunky-smart) husband has started his fellowship in Sports Medicine, and loves it.

The kidlets have started swimming lessons, and they are loving it.

And I've grown about a foot... in the middle. This baby boy seriously wants people to know about his impending October arrival... I'm feeling pretty huge-ish... and wouldn't go so far as to say I'm loving it.

It's surreal being so close to family again. It used to be we'd see family once a year. Now, I can drive 10 minutes and knock on three different siblings' doors. My in-laws are an hour away, and my parents are 4 hours away. So. Nice.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post: A good friend asked me if I could compose a list of "good prices" for the average grocery shopper who wants to know if they're getting a good deal or not.

Happy to oblige, my friend. Happy to oblige:

Grocery “Buy It Now” Prices List

~ from Pennies & Pancakes ~

*This list is based on prices in the Southern Illinois area with some help from coupons on items that are not fresh produce or meat/poultry/fish/milk. Prices listed may not be as low as it gets, and aren’t as low as the prices you can find when buying bulk, or in other regions of the US (or in store like WinCo or LoLo's), but they are great deals for the average shopper. For example, I’ve seen Red Delicious apples go as low as $0.50/lb. in the area. However, I’m not going to turn up my nose at the Gala apples on sale for $0.90/lb., because those are my family’s favorites. Check your stores for when the managers mark down the meat that is nearing it's expiration date. Also, buying a 25 lb. bag of flour is going to be much cheaper than buying the 5 lb bag. I tried to make this list with “the majority” in mind. When you find the prices below, (with some help from coupons) it’s time to fill your shopping cart.

**I've had a few people mention to me that they find lower prices consistently on some of the items listed below. I've SURE that's 100% true. Now that I'm in Utah, I've been able to buy peaches ad nectarines for $0.48/lb. Much cheaper than the $0.99/lb. listed below. Depending on where you live, and which stores you have access to, you can find those lower prices. I'll repeat: This list is based on one region of the USA, and the stores found locally. It is also meant to be a guideline until you figure out if there is a better price in your area. 

Apples/lb                                      $0.90
Asparagus/lb                                $1.59
Avocado/ea                                  $0.50
Bananas/lb                                   $0.40-$0.52
Blueberries/6 oz                           $1.49
Broccoli crowns/lb                       $0.69
Cantaloupe/ea                              $1.25
Cauliflower/lb                              $0.69
Carrots/lb bag                               $0.99
Celery/bag                                    $0.99
Cilantro/bunch                              $0.50
Corn/cob                                       $0.19
Cucumbers/ea                                $0.50
Green Beans                                  $0.69
Grapes/lb                                       $1.29
Lemons/ea                                     $0.30
Lettuce/bunch                                $1.29
Limes/ea                                        $0.30
Onion/lb                                        $0.39
Oranges/ea                                     $0.28
Peaches/lb                                      $0.99
Plums/lb                                         $0.99
Pears/lb                                          $0.99
Green Bell Peppers/ea                    $0.50
Potatoes (russet)/5 lb                      $1.00
Raspberries/6 oz                             $1.99
Strawberries/lb                               $1.50
Tomatoes/lb                                   $0.89
Watermelon/ea                               $4.00

Bacon/lb                                         $2.00
Beef, 90% lean/lb                           $2.20
Beef Steaks/lb                                 $4.50
Boneless Chicken Breast/lb            $1.99
Hot dogs/8 pk                                 $0.75
Pork Loin/lb                                    $1.75
Pork Chops/lb                                 $1.99
Pork Roast/lb                                  $1.99
Roast Beef/lb                                  $2.50
Sausage/lb                                       $1.89
Salmon/lb                                        $4.00
Whole Chicken/lb                           $0.89

Butter/lb                                          $2.00
Deli Meat/lb                                    $3.50
Eggs/doz                                         $1.19 - $1.59
Cheese/lb                                        $3.00
Parmesan Cheese                            $2.39
Cream Cheese/8 oz                         $1.19
Cottage Cheese/lb                           $1.20
String Cheese/ea                             $0.20
Milk/gal                                          $2.79 - $3.00
Heavy Cream/half pint                    $1.00
Yogurt/2 lb container                      $2.18
Sour Cream/lb                                 $1.00
100% Juice/64 oz                            $1.19

Potatoes/bag                                    $0.99
Ice Cream/box                                 $1.99
Juice Concentrate/can                      $0.95
Vegetables/10 oz.                            $0.99
Fruit                                                 $1.50 - $2.50
Pizza/ea                                           $2.50

Mixed Nuts/lb                                  $2.50
Granola Bars/6 pk                            $0.65
Fruit Snacks/box                              $0.50
Tortilla Chips/bag                             $0.99
Bagged Candy/10 oz                        $1.25
Candy Bars/ea                                  $0.20
Gum/12 pk                                       free - $0.25
Crackers/box                                    $1.00

Dry Milk/26 oz                                  $5.99
Natural Peanut Butter/oz                   $0.10
Honey/oz                                           $0.19
Cake Mix/box                                    $0.50
Chocolate Chips/bag                         $0.99
Non-Stick Spray/can                          $0.65
Evaporated Milk/can                         $0.50
Flour/5 lb                                           $1.25
Oats/42 oz                                         $1.49
Marshmallows/bag                            $0.88
Nuts/lb                                               $2.99
Canola Oil/48 oz                               $1.78
Vegetable Oil/48 oz                          $1.78
Olive Oil/16 oz                                  $3.69
Brown Sugar/2 lb                              $1.00
Powdered Sugar/2 lb                         $1.00
White Sugar/5 lb                                $1.15
Sweetened Cond. Milk/can               $0.75
Vinegar/32 oz                                    $0.50
Yeast/3 strip                                       $0.45

Cereal/box                                         $0.75- $1.25
White Rice/lb                                    $0.60
Stuffing/box                                      $0.45
Lasagna noodles/box                        $1.00
Elbow Macaroni/box                        $0.72
Spaghetti/box                                    $0.72
Spaghetti Sauce/jar                           $0.50 - $1.00
Cream of… soup/can                        $0.59
Ready to Eat Soup                            $0.50
Dry Soup Mix/envelope                   $0.33
Broth/carton                                      $0.65

BBQ Sauce/bottle                             $0.15
Ketchup/24 oz.                                  $0.50
Mayonnaise/jar                                  $1.00
Mustard/bottle                                   $0.35
Salad Dressing/bottle                        $0.60
Soy Sauce/5 oz                                 $0.45
Taco Mix/envelope                           $0.35

Can/Jar/Dried Fruit & Veg.
Tuna/can                                          $0.50
Vegetables/can                                 $0.45 - $0.56
Tomato Paste/can                             $0.07
Beans/can                                         $0.45
Pumpkin/can                                    $0.65
Tomatoes/can                                   $0.45
Salsa/jar                                            $0.65
Applesauce/48 oz                             $1.25
Mandarin oranges/can                      $0.40
Peaches/can                                      $1.00
Pears/can                                          $1.00
Pineapple/can                                   $0.75
Dried Cranberries/bag                      $1.00
Raisins/12 oz                                    $1.25


  1. This is a great start for anyone looking to make a price book! Especially here in IL...thank you!

  2. How much is your stock up price for whole wheat flour? I am looking at amazon for 20 lbs prices around $18 when you subscribe. Is that a good price?

    1. That's tricky for me, because I actually buy bulk whole wheat berries, then mill them as needed. (Whole wheat four loses it's nutrients fairly quickly ad can become rancid pretty fast upon milling.) From what I've seen, that's not a bad price... I know Sam's Club does a 6 pk of 4 lb. whole wheat flour for $21.87, so that's slightly less expensive. ($0.91/lb) Hope this helps you decide!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU Andrea! You did it! That is so nice of you to take the time to do this list for me! What a wonderful resource! I sure miss you and think about your sweet family often.... I was thinking about you today and thought I would jump on your blog and I found a whole bunch of posts I'm not caught up on!! :) Glad to see you are still going strong here, good luck on baby $4!! BOY! :) Love ya!


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